What is GeoChat?

GeoChat is a flexible open source group communications tool that helps team members keep close track of each other. GeoChat encourages a shared awareness of who is doing what where – and it does it over any device, on any platform, and over any network. GeoChat allows you and your team to stay in touch with one another through whatever method you have available: over SMS, over email, and on the surface of a map in a web browser.

Whether you are sitting at a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, or on the go with nothing but your mobile phone, GeoChat helps you react to events quickly by making it easy to link up your team within moments, and even to form virtual teams on the fly! GeoChat lets you link headquarters to staff in the field, and field staff to each other, and lets you instantly add to your group anyone, from any organization, you think should be there.

GeoChat keeps everyone on the team connected, in sync and aware.